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With passion, dedication, and creativity we're committed toward delivering excellent results.
Why You Need Graphics

Graphics are a form of communication between your business and your audience. Businesses need professionally designed graphics to inform, engage, and eventually persuade prospective customers to make a purchase or take a desired action. Your brand needs to make a positive, lasting impression, and give you confidence when launching it into a large cloud of viewers.

What We Do

Hitower Media creates timeless and innovative designs that work and communicate the right message in a powerful and memorable way, while keeping your unique vision in mind. We create and launch brands that make your confidence go up (as well as your revenue!). Are you ready for your launch?

Ideas Efficiently

We know how to produce eye-catching and compelling infographics that carry a powerful message, proven to be three times more engaging than text-only content. Our designs speak for us and for you.


We apply the law of Consistency. No matter what industry you’re in, professional graphics will help your brand create trust and a sense of reliability when there's consistency in the marketing process.

A Win

We rely on brainstorming new ideas, finding new methods, and creating unique solutions that can be customized to work for your brand and take you higher and further beyond than the imitating rest.

Empowering communities through Technoloby Education


& Impactful

"Working with children and youth of all backgrounds has taught me that no matter the environment or conditions surrounding their lives, education is key for personal and social improvements, and it's a principal factor in the development of a future generation of families that will become important parts of our fast evolving and growing society. The skillset of a child is often overlooked due to his or her present situation of disadvantage, but all children are born with great talents within. The Hitower Technology Camp is designed to help those children and youth discover their maximum potential thru the digital arts while developing organizational and managerial skills at the same time." -Maria Davis

Maria, together with her husband Chad and their daughter Racquel, do missionary work in the country of Colombia, through AHAVA HOUSE, serving the indigenous Wayuu tribes of La Guajira, impacting more than 600 children by supporting education and taking to them the love of Jesus.

Maria Davis

Maria Davis

Maria Davis

- Graphic/Web Designer

Maria, founder of Hitower Media, is a creative graphic and web designer who is passionate about helping new entrepreneurs, startups and existing businesses of all sizes gain an unshakable level of confidence when presenting their brand and unique message to the masses inside a competitive market. Her gift of creativity and ingenious ideas, are a guaranteed seal for a successful launch.

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Minority-women owned business
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